Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mike Williams Alien Picture

Wow I tried to post about a malware /Spammer that is a member of Google's Blooger, that spammed me twice. After repeated e-mails Google, they must feel it is OK for them to do this. Well I posted and my post got deleted...Strange.

I e-mailed Google direct as well. So I guess this is my last post and I will move elsewhere and delete all references to google from my computer, since they can not be trusted to delete users that send viruses and malware to infect peoples computers. Do not click on the deleted users name without some protection on your computer, since he uses Blogger as one of the places he sends it out from. I notified Cybercrimes div. of his info, since Blogger has not responded.

So here is my last post before I pull the plug.

Mike williams Penciled this Alien for a pinup in a book and I inked along with colors by Kris Carter.

I really like what Kris did.

I will post my new address soon or check my comicspace page at



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