Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A Spider-man I drew and Inked at the New York Comic Con 2015.
Here is a Juggernaut I inked over Jimmy Califiore at Boston Comic Con.  Love his pencils.
I drew this Robin Lord Taylor "Penguin" from TV series "Gotham".

Have a great Day!  See you soon. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wow I really have not posted here for a while.  I guess I should.  Here is a quick sketch I did.

I have been drawing and inking so I will post a surprise Ink here in a week or so when it is in my grubby hands.

I am working on a Sketch book that I will only talk about here.  It is on Joe Sinnott.  A brilliant artist and wonderful man.  More later.

I am still writing the true story of Salem, MA.  The witch hysteria was a fascinating a deviously horrid time.   Truth is way worse then anything written.  I really have to finish it.

Anyway, I like this. It is like therapy.  Cheers!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Charlotte and other stuff I missed...

OK Here is Bob Almond, Billy Tucci, Norm Breyfogle and Me.
Eddy Chapman Driving one of the vehicles down to Charlotte North Carolina.  I think he was a tad drowsy.
We stopped at Mount Airy on the way back to see Andy Griffiths' town of Mayberry.  When I asked for a glass of water at a stop the waitress thought we were from another country.
I guess Andy is popular here.
 Philadelphia is really nice, a great show Wizard puts on.
That is not a mask it was paint on the right.
 Greg Horn, what can I say, he is a good drawer.
Tom Raney hard at work.
Liberty Bell
Well that was Philly, a nice show but very busy so we did not get a chance to get around.  Eddy and I did back up Ethan Van Sciver on his "Wolverine is Gay" Song though.

See you soon...

Monday, October 03, 2011


Here are some sketches...
I was watching tv one night and Poof...Sargent Bilko and Col. Hall.  Then Chummy mentioned Pvt. Doberman, so...
Anyway it was always fun drawing people you grew up with.

See you soon...

Chicago Con

Sorry for being late, but it was so busy I got no Pictures but a few. Here is the effervescent Scotsman of the highest order, Mike McKone, with Kieth portrait on his left.  Jimmy Calafiore is to my right when I took this, but his photo was to blurred.
Here is Larry Harrison, He was across from Mike.  We are at the bar across from Rosemont convention center having Shirley Temples.
I stopped in Cleveland to let Kieth get a gander of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it had just closed.  So I took some pics.
Here is Eddy, we had a good time.
Next show I promise to take more photos.

See you soon...

OK here are some Baltimore photos...

Here we see Alex Saviuk (Spider-man Dailies), that's Ke;ly Yates in background.  Nice smile Alex.

Next we find one of Alex's Gomba's, Bo Hampton A funny dude and a Talented Singer/ Artist.
 As we went through the hall I saw another buddy, Stuart Sayger a very talented artist with a unique style (note finger tips.).
 Hey Kids Look, it's Mark McKenna, Star Wars and a zillion other characters, and Banana Tails.

And for faint of heart, Liz and Bernie Wrightson, the master of the quill and brush!  He is just to good.
They are both the best!
My Wicked West favorite, Neil Vokes.  What can I say, he lost more weight then me this time 'round but I am working out now...
Finaly my other two goomba's Billy Tucci digging Comic con legend Rusty B's Red sox Shirt.  Whadda ya want Billy we crapped out this year...

That was it for Baltimore.  It was a fun time, Rusty, Bernie and I, did say bye to Stan Lee at the end.

See ya soon....

Sorry I am late!

Wow! I did not realize that was the last post so long ago. OK I did some stuff including a slew of shows from Maine to South Carolina, Stopping off at Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry). And on out to Chicago and a bunch of cities in between.
This Oct.11th to 17th I will be at Jacob Javits center for the 2nd largest convention in the U.S..
I will have some images to post shortly I need to crop them, as well as artwork.

See you very shortly...

Monday, August 03, 2009

I'M Back!

Been out of commission for a bit, Lost a couple of people and won't bore you with details.

Anyway I have a couple of things.

Here is a Cap I penciled at Doctors office the other day.
I went to A Comic Show Sunday Last and had to leave early to get my Bedroom floor done. Been Sheetrocking room at a time in my house. Walls and ceilings all Plaster. New Floors and where there is Oak, I sand and re-finish. Takes a while, but I am happy so far. Nicer to just contract someone, but then I would feel Lazy.

The King Size Bed Frame will be trashed so I can Build a Platform Base. I like the firm Platform bases much better and you can build drawers into the underside as well. I found some nice plans online.

See you sooner...Jimmy...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is upon us for the 2nd Annual INKWELL AWARDS Voting Starting June 1st 2009.

Here is a roundtable interview just out, , at Comic Related.

Watch for the Ballot Page link on the Homepage.

See You real Soon.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Time!

I had told my brother Mike about the CBS shows online, specificaly "Have Gun Will Travel", And "Perry Mason". I loved those shows. Anyway he asked if it was a truck in the Background of a scene in Have gun will travel, where Palladin is turning a herd of cows in a field.

As the camera truck pans the turn...WAHM! A big old Flat Bed truck settin' in the middle of the scene.

Dead Center!

Anyway I screwed up a few things in Unsolved Mysteries. Like putting Mercedes parts on Ford crashes. Making cars change models in mid scene and much more that never raised a letter. 11 years worth so have fun looking at reruns.
See you soon!
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