Saturday, September 30, 2006

New story...

I just finished a story that Jesus Antonio created, and penciled (see links to his site on the right).

I love his style. Joe Pruitt, an up and coming colorist, did a flat color ( my choice) on the story like the old days. I wanted to have an old south western feel so I did not want colors to distract from the story. I could be wrong but I feel a good story with a good graphic (Sans effects) moves quickly.

I did my first lettering job on this story and hope I did ok. We may have another letterer actually do it over, but I wanted to see if I could do it.
This is page one.

I am not sure which book it is in but I will post as soon as I know. It is a cool story and sort of a fifties EC style.

See you next time...Jimmy...

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Flash!

While waiting for some pencils, I decided to have some fun with the Flash pencil, Norm Rapmund did for a Challenge I inked. I was looking at it and had an idea for a cover we will never see. So I lightboxed his Flash and I pencilled the Character from the first Action comics cover and two support players.
Funny how the mind works. Norm is a wonderful artist and inker.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Full Moon Craze is Coming...Almost

Well, Five more Pages and a cover and Ace Masters, Full Moon Craze, will be ready for transformation into a 6 issue mini series. Based on a woman kidnapped and taken to a castle by a Vampire, It should be a great series.

Here is a page from Issue #3 I just finished.

Full Moon Craze page 15 Issue 3

The book is not real gory but has some great moments of suspense and drama.

Cesar is finishing up as I speak.

I Also have been working on a Book of short stories with some artists that should be out in 07-08 time period and I will post previews a little latter on.

In the meantime I will be doing some commission work and inking up as many pages as possible throughout the year.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blue Note...

OK here is my sorry butt, at the Blue Note Lounge ( The Real Blue Note not one of those Yuppie joints on TV and Films). The Cage was not up this night.

Mississippi Dick Hudson on Background Vocal, and Jammin' Johnny Vass ( The real Deal Guitar Man, on the Hummingbird).

I forgot to use my secret, Just for Men shampoo that night.

The Blue Note Lounge is now officialy closed and it is a shame if you never walked on it's Gummy Floor. The food was great if you are a sobriety challenged person. I will miss the ice cubes with their carbon laced diamond look and the faint whisp of molded rainbarrel water (E-coli couldn't even survive here).

To quote an old friend Henny Youngman, "...the checkout girls name was Rocko.".

The urinal was so small if you used the urinal by the door and somebody walked by to get out they owed you a dinner.

The waitresses were sweet girls (I may run into them again so I am being good here)

If someone liked you they either would stand in front of you screaming the wrong words to the song out of key, or the girls would dance in front of you trying to seduce you with there drunken stare, and they usually looked like David Brenner with boobs...only older and with more tatoos.

The aroma of stale beer and watered drinks though dulled the senses, it's the way of nature to protect you.

I will say they had a blues jam that did feature some super talent and bands that had some of the top people in music sit in with them. It would be crass to mention their names here because they were always good to me.

I post it here because my brother Pete put this on his website so.... Here is his Fabian look back in the sixties playing a guitar I don't remember him having. Anyway he is playing in Dover, New Hampshire once a week and having a blast. I won't mention Biddy Mullgans unless they pay me a fee.

Figure I have to post my bad with his good.

Later... Jimmy

Monday, September 11, 2006

Baltimore Con Update

Well I went to Baltimore Con with Rusty B and it was nice.

We headed to Washington on Friday and took the Metro to all the Smithsonian Buildings.

We stayed at Motel Hell on the beltway because Yankees and two conventions took all the good hotels. The toilet was broke the first day and no fridge or microwave. the tv worked after we connected the antenna and got a few channels.

Pictures are Here

The con was a blast. I spoke with many artists there and got a lot of tips.

I am surprised at the number of inkers working on books today that are strictly marker people. No Brush, no nib. The pages look great and that's what counts.

Lou ferigno blew off a little kid that wanted his book signed for free, so put him on the sh*tlist.

Dick Ayers was there and did a sketch in my book. HE and his wife are really nice and she was really into the whole comic thing, so good for him.

Dick Ayers

I asked Don Rosa do the cover of my sketchbook. I love the Scrooge and Donald Duck art he does.

Don Rosa

George Perez was very nice to his adoring dealers who brought truckloads of books for him to sign. They really should limit these Ebay and dealer guys to two hundred copy limits...SSHEEESH!

I got some great instruction from Mike Manley, who edits Draw! through twomorrows publishing. He's a great guy.

Met up with fellow Inkwell members And had a good time. Went to the Hotel bar and got hammered on one drink...Met up with Mark McKenna and Jim Califiore and some others there.

Saw Jim Starlin and got the critique on the Superman he drew. He seemed to like the inks except the hair highlightas which I suck at so he showed me a method to block it in. I will be doing a lot of practicing in that.

I saw Alex Saviuk, Penciler on Superman in the seventies and Spiderman Dailies. He had some great art with him.

Anyway it was a good trip and I guess I will be off in February to the New York affair.

Bye for now....Jimmy

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baltimore Con

Before I forget, here Is a cover Image of Daniel Best's Jim Mooney Book.

I guess Rusty B and I will be heading to Baltimore Comic Con next weekend. Looks like a lot of good talent will be there. It has been a couple of years since we were there last.

It is a nice trip so I will give it a try. Last time I had to stop and drop a Guitar off at CF Martin in PA. This year it will be a quicker trip.

Mark McKenna will be there so don't forget to order Marvel's Excaliber #14 Penciled by Jim Calafiore and Inked by Mark. Always support the good guys.

Here is a sneak peek at a great Cover.
WOW! You won't want to miss a second of the action in this book, True Believers!

See you next time....Jimmy
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