Friday, June 30, 2006

Hail Cesar!

Well I almost have Cesar's pages done. He likes drawing.

I hope he is happy with them. I love his work and am learning a lot as I go.

It must be easier to work in an environment with another inker to say, "Uh Uh!" or, "NO! Do it this way." So I sit on needles waiting for the word.

Here is my desk so far today.

Hey Buddy hope you are happy with them they are coming to you soon.

Next up... My pencils stuff ooohhhhhh!

till then...I hope you Feep well....Jimmy

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To ink or not to ink...Jim Lee

I'm baaaaccckkk! Hi, A friend of mine, Larry, who will remain nameless asked me to ink a couple of pages from the Jim Lee / Frank Miller Batman and Robin Book 1.

I love Jim Lee's Pencils, although I love Scott Williams Work I do not envy Jim's Inkers. You have to be a really, Really good inker/artist to ink him.

While I am relatively a sucky inker I gladly accepted the offer and inked the Vicky Underoos page and the last page.

I know Aaron Sowd said to look a page over carefully for the approach but it did not work for me. I still did not understand his pencils well, because of my in-experience in inking. So I grabbed the bull by the horns and did it "My way" (By the song of the same title).

JimLee has a very cool sense of graphic design and flow. His anatomy for comics is uncanny and I never appreciated his work in detail and background until I inked his work.

I guess I am just catching on to what his fans already knew. Personally I liked how he has the tenacity to see each panel through, but you need to be a fast quality inker to make a living inking him. I would be more of a "Sad Sack" type Inker.

The last one is a Superman Page That Jim put on his blog as a sort of challenge to Inkers.

A lot of people did a great job. Here is my humble effort. I even put my initials on the consol between Superman's Leg and Batman's Cape.

Ok kid's that's it for now... Jimmy

Monday, June 26, 2006


OK here is something I did for a friend of mine. Originaly recorded by the great Jape Richardson. It may take a minute to load. I had not done this song and it is a first take.

I wanted to see how to post a song on a blog. Hope I can find a way to stream faster.
Don't be shy about commenting, I can take it (plus I think I can delete the bad ones...hahahahahah!)
See you next time...Jimmy

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ok where was I... Oh yeah Inking comics. I like it. I started out using almost all quill, but due to bad paper made the shift to brush, and now I found good Paper, so I can use quill as well.

I met Joe Sinnott at a Boston Show and he told me he was all quill now(102), and he does his Spider-Man dailies that way. They looked liked brush.

I used about 50/50 I think on the Nick Fury he drew. I love his style of comic art.

I Am Trying to get the feathering thing down. I had a metal rod go thhrough my wrist and up my arm and it took a while, but have now gotten really good control to ink, so I have no excuse not to get smoother with practice.

This is a New Avengers Cover I inked (Johnny Dell Inked the Published version). Jimmy Cheung penciled this cover and Johnny Dell turned it into a great cover. I thought I would see how close I could get to keeping the lines true.

It is no small task inking Cheung, he is such a tremendous penciler that varying from what he lays down will stick out like a sore thumb.

Unless you are better than the penciler or Bob McLeod ('cause he is just too good. See his site of the same name.), than it is best to follow the lines, adding proper line weights and shading in the form of hatch work.

Here is a really cool artist, Ed McGuinness. Here is a Superman Cover (I ask Forgiveness but the published inker escapes me. I will put his name up as soon as I learn it.)
I really like his work and the only thing I did was remove the halo around all the parts. I don't know why but I do not like halos because I do not see them. It may be the Eisner, Wood influence of comic art, where everything was backlit.

In Ed's art it fits though, because it is a cartoony style. I just wanted to see what would happen if I inked it.

Anyway I used a lot of brush on these and if I forgot, I am now using Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brushes. 102 Crow Quill and #512 as well as Pelican Black ink. When using my own paper I will now use only EON's Paper.

Next: I butcher Jim Lee's stuff...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mini Bio Final

Ok this is the last on me. I could write volumes on stupid things I did. Projectionist for else's Moses Lowe until his death. E.M. Lowe was the kind of guy that would give you $1000.00 because he wanted to. If you expected it he give you nothing. You could also tell what he had for breakfast, Lunch and dinner by his tie (not nice but true). He was good to me though.

I also had a PT Boat I got with a friend from Baron Bruno Bic ( The pen and Lighter guy ) it was a sub chaser about 20 X 80 foot long and was to much so after 5 years the sba took it.

Cher on set of "Mermaids"

I never took a lot of photos and probably should have but working in film I never had time. The photo above and one other one I can not find yet were all I took.

Butch (Eddie Munster) Patrick and me in the 80's

I met up with butch at a show we were doing in Boston when I had him sign some autographs for fans and they wanted our picture. He is a good guy and I hope he got work.

Sherry Lansing and me.

Sherry Lansing was my executive Producer on "School Ties" and is a wonderful woman. I think she is president of Paramount features now. Her husband William Friedkin was her partner. She is still my favorite producer. Gino Lucci took the picture. Gino is another story. A great Background guy and I think the did write a book about him. Cheers Gino!

Ok that's it except I used to be an avid shooter since I was 14. Have not done this for a few years now. Here is a photo of me with the local social Gun club in the 70's.

On the range (DUMP)

Ok that's enough. I will post some sound clips later and maybe a couple of videos on a crash did if I ever get it on digital from vhs.

See you later....Jimmy

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mini Bio 2

Loving music, I met a couple of guys who helped me in my Sound Studio work. Gary Hardy (Sun studios) and Bob Westbrook. They are the beginning of Karaoke in the US (Song Masters). Licensed through them I had the early rights in the Boston area with my "All-Star Studios along with a friend Dennis Landry.
We stayed and did some work at Sun in the eighties. there was a guy named Bryan Adams down there then. I think he did well for a while.

The picture is me at Jerry Lee's organ at Sun Studios (only had one leslie speaker but he was good in mono anyway).

This is a photo of me, Gary Hardy (Owner of Sun) and Denny Landry

Gary Hardy has since sold Sun and the new owners turned it into shit! Gary is a great singer, musician and DeeJay in Memphis. He also had a place in Graceland.

I recorded some songs there but have always been a background singer. It took a long time for me to make an ass of myself in front of an audience.

To the left is longtime friend Bobby Hebb who wrote and performed "Sunny", " A satisfied mind" and recieved a grammy for updated "Natural man". He toured with the Beatles and is a tremendous talent. (Do I look Fat? I have an excuse...really, it's those damned drive-thru's.)

I used him in a PBS season opener on UFO phenomena. He played Barny Hill and did a great job.

It's funny I worked with Cher and so many other talents but Bobby and Roy Orbison seem to have been the Musicians favorites. To know him is to love him. He has recently moved back down to Nashville and I hope to see him soon.

I have not mentioned my girl Jeannie that has put up with me since the early seventies because she would bend, fold, spindle and mutilate me if I posted a picture of her (I will find a good one sometime but don't tell her).

Ok I guess I will save the rest til later....


Mini Bio

I was asked for a mini bio so I will do it in two posts.

I am ex-Marine. Worked around the East Coast (I find fault in the West Coast - ooh that was bad huh.)

I have been working in Film and Television and Print media for since 1977 in varied capacities. Mainly known for Camera Cars, Picture vehicles, Custom Stunt vehicles.

I have worked on films like "The Brinks", "Mermaids", "School Ties" (Me on Left in "School Ties - One of my many duties on that film), "Man without a Face"and more.

In Television I worked for over 10 seasons on "Unsolved Mysteries" as well as "Rescue 911", "True Detectives" and others.

Commercials from "Clothing" to "Electric Shavers". BMW of North America, Germany, France and England. Phillups Electronics of America, France and England, to many to list.

Stuntman, Cameraman, Camera car driver, Directors second, Production co-ordinator, Background co-ordinator, Property Master and Stunt driver / co-ordinator and in rare instances I can be seen in a few etc..

The picture above is, left, Don Runion ( Stunt Fighter - World Class Motorcycle Champion), Middle, Buddy-Joe Hooker (Premiere Stuntman and Legend. Note his new Terminator 2 jacket), Right, Me on a Paramount set. Wonderful guys and I wish them well.

I have experienced pretty much all the aspects of crap on a set and am now retired from it.

In between filming I produced over 2000 capicity concert shows for Entertainers such as Jay Leno (pre-Carson), Roy Orbison, Henny Youngman, Ron Dante (Archies and the Cufflinks-Sugar Sugar-Tracy), Mark Lindsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders (Indian Reservation and much more), Gary Lewis and the PLayboys (This Diamond Ring and more), Bobby Hebb (Sonny and Natural Man), Billy J Kramer (Little Children-Bad to Me), Andy Kim (Rock me Gently), Yakov Shmirnoff (Debuted "What a Country!") and much more.

Above is Henny and me, We did a show called "Christmas with Henny". He was like my Grandfather except he liked younger girls. But I miss him.

Through the years I have maintained my computer skills from the seventies and have tried to stay on the crest of hardware and networking.

My main love is music and art, and that leads me to here posting my inks for comic art. Anyway I will get back to you and we can do lunch...more next time.


Thursday, June 15, 2006


I am in the middle of Inking Cesar Feliciano's pencils on the first issue of Monster Squad. Here is Cover to Number 1. A homage cover to the late Peter Costanza.

The colors are by Dash Martin (He is extremely talented)

Cesar is a great penciler and I am happy to ink him. I am still green though.

I am using primarily Brush ( W&N series 7 #2) and Crowquil 102. Rapidographs and EON paper ( A super paper that takes quill and brush equally well. I have had horrors with other brands.

Once done I will post more.

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