Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To ink or not to ink...Jim Lee

I'm baaaaccckkk! Hi, A friend of mine, Larry, who will remain nameless asked me to ink a couple of pages from the Jim Lee / Frank Miller Batman and Robin Book 1.

I love Jim Lee's Pencils, although I love Scott Williams Work I do not envy Jim's Inkers. You have to be a really, Really good inker/artist to ink him.

While I am relatively a sucky inker I gladly accepted the offer and inked the Vicky Underoos page and the last page.

I know Aaron Sowd said to look a page over carefully for the approach but it did not work for me. I still did not understand his pencils well, because of my in-experience in inking. So I grabbed the bull by the horns and did it "My way" (By the song of the same title).

JimLee has a very cool sense of graphic design and flow. His anatomy for comics is uncanny and I never appreciated his work in detail and background until I inked his work.

I guess I am just catching on to what his fans already knew. Personally I liked how he has the tenacity to see each panel through, but you need to be a fast quality inker to make a living inking him. I would be more of a "Sad Sack" type Inker.

The last one is a Superman Page That Jim put on his blog as a sort of challenge to Inkers.

A lot of people did a great job. Here is my humble effort. I even put my initials on the consol between Superman's Leg and Batman's Cape.

Ok kid's that's it for now... Jimmy


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