Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mini Bio 2

Loving music, I met a couple of guys who helped me in my Sound Studio work. Gary Hardy (Sun studios) and Bob Westbrook. They are the beginning of Karaoke in the US (Song Masters). Licensed through them I had the early rights in the Boston area with my "All-Star Studios along with a friend Dennis Landry.
We stayed and did some work at Sun in the eighties. there was a guy named Bryan Adams down there then. I think he did well for a while.

The picture is me at Jerry Lee's organ at Sun Studios (only had one leslie speaker but he was good in mono anyway).

This is a photo of me, Gary Hardy (Owner of Sun) and Denny Landry

Gary Hardy has since sold Sun and the new owners turned it into shit! Gary is a great singer, musician and DeeJay in Memphis. He also had a place in Graceland.

I recorded some songs there but have always been a background singer. It took a long time for me to make an ass of myself in front of an audience.

To the left is longtime friend Bobby Hebb who wrote and performed "Sunny", " A satisfied mind" and recieved a grammy for updated "Natural man". He toured with the Beatles and is a tremendous talent. (Do I look Fat? I have an excuse...really, it's those damned drive-thru's.)

I used him in a PBS season opener on UFO phenomena. He played Barny Hill and did a great job.

It's funny I worked with Cher and so many other talents but Bobby and Roy Orbison seem to have been the Musicians favorites. To know him is to love him. He has recently moved back down to Nashville and I hope to see him soon.

I have not mentioned my girl Jeannie that has put up with me since the early seventies because she would bend, fold, spindle and mutilate me if I posted a picture of her (I will find a good one sometime but don't tell her).

Ok I guess I will save the rest til later....



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