Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mini Bio Final

Ok this is the last on me. I could write volumes on stupid things I did. Projectionist for else's Moses Lowe until his death. E.M. Lowe was the kind of guy that would give you $1000.00 because he wanted to. If you expected it he give you nothing. You could also tell what he had for breakfast, Lunch and dinner by his tie (not nice but true). He was good to me though.

I also had a PT Boat I got with a friend from Baron Bruno Bic ( The pen and Lighter guy ) it was a sub chaser about 20 X 80 foot long and was to much so after 5 years the sba took it.

Cher on set of "Mermaids"

I never took a lot of photos and probably should have but working in film I never had time. The photo above and one other one I can not find yet were all I took.

Butch (Eddie Munster) Patrick and me in the 80's

I met up with butch at a show we were doing in Boston when I had him sign some autographs for fans and they wanted our picture. He is a good guy and I hope he got work.

Sherry Lansing and me.

Sherry Lansing was my executive Producer on "School Ties" and is a wonderful woman. I think she is president of Paramount features now. Her husband William Friedkin was her partner. She is still my favorite producer. Gino Lucci took the picture. Gino is another story. A great Background guy and I think the did write a book about him. Cheers Gino!

Ok that's it except I used to be an avid shooter since I was 14. Have not done this for a few years now. Here is a photo of me with the local social Gun club in the 70's.

On the range (DUMP)

Ok that's enough. I will post some sound clips later and maybe a couple of videos on a crash did if I ever get it on digital from vhs.

See you later....Jimmy


Blogger Gerry Alanguilan said...

Wow, Jimmy! It's amazing how some artists have rich and interesting backgrounds. I was an architect once for several years, but like you, I'm into comics just for the love of it. Your old job sounds really exciting and cool. Thanks for sharing!

Sat Jun 24, 06:23:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Jimmy T said...

Thanks Gerry I used to design Building Facades and did the Boston Army Base at onetime. Architects Rule! Your work is strong and I see where that comes from. The Will Eisner piece was Super.

Sat Jun 24, 06:42:00 PM PDT  

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