Friday, November 21, 2008

Look What I found!

Hey Naomi and Adrienne,
Look what I found. It's early 80's so i was coming out of the 70's Disco scene, ya know Huggy Bear, Silk shirts, lottsa scotch guard under the armpits, etc,.

One of my Vocal students, Roy Something or other...NOTTTT!!!!

If I can find a picture of Ronny with a freedom curl I will post it high res.

Here's a picture of Bobby Hebb up at his old house in Rockport. I think we were messing around when I was working on an Orion film. He moved permanent to Nashville and I feel Guilty for not getting my butt down there. Maybe this year.

Here's Jack in the winter, Isn't he Cute, awwwhhh?

This is in the Spring, awwwwhhh!

Hans took this after one of the Bmw Shoots, so he could show the German's how cool Americans are....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I actually bought that Blue Ford off junior (only car he sold that worked good.), to do a stunt with and put so much dough in it for the stunt, I was going to keep it. But the Director had other Ideas and we smashed them both up. Dicky and John Colon worked with me on this, with Adriennes favorite Unsolved Mysteries Director Eric. Outside of having Gas that week it was a good shoot. Boyd Estes is Da' bomb with a camera.

Now I can tell the secret I have been holding in all these years....I left the explosives in the trunk of the ford when we did the dry runs, and found out when the car hit the curbing on the last pass and blew a tire..HA, HA, I snuck them out before the stunt coordinator got to the car. AND, I put Mercedes parts on the street after the smash to see if anybody would write in to the show.

Hey, it's only a movie.

HEY LOOK.. It's Roy Pahlm (in the cabby hat looking at me taking picture). He looked like Sean Connery. This was a True Detectives shoot set in the late thirty's we filmed in New Bedford, and that 1939 Bus I had, smoked the neighborhood out. This was a summer replacement for, I think, Unsolved Mysteries or Rescue 911, can't remember, we used the same crew pretty much. I think it lasted one summer. I did like the Directer Mark, he was fresh from film editing and was so excited. In fact he did a really good job for a newcomer. I believe he works at the La Brea McDonalds in LA now...No that's mean, stop it. (You guys remember La Brae, in LA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!)

Anyway I wish I took more pictures on sets, but I was usually to busy working, stupid me.

See you guys soon...JimmyBob

Monday, November 03, 2008

Boston Comic Con 2008

Hi, it's me!

Well I got back from Boston's new Mini Comic Con and it was a pretty good show overall.

Rusty and I got there a little after 10:00 am and it was crowded.

I saw some guys from the Inkwell, Mark McKenna, Bob Almond, Scott Ambrusion, Norman Lee (Who was there with what I thought was a penthouse Pet of the month, You dog Norman ;-) ).

Cesar Feliciano was there with Kris Carter, Bob Shaw (Serendipity Sales art rep.) along with Peter Laird, Paul Ryan and Mike Lilly and many others.

But the reason I really likes it was Bernie Wrightson, Who is perhaps the one standout artist of my comics reading life.

Bernie was there with Liz, and a bust of Frankenstein, modeled after his drawings. He was very Gracious, and a Friend of mine bought a couple of his drawings for $2,000.00. Wow, I thought Neal Adams got a lot.

I introduced myself, told him about the Inkwell awards and asked if he would do a cover for the Secret Invasion book, He at once said he would (what a guy), so I grabbed Bob Almond and a book, and Bob sealed the deal.

His art has always been number one in my book, and if you don't have it already, buy the newer Frankenstein volume. It reproduces his art more faithfully then the earlier edition, and is a must have.

Anyway, I could go on, but he is just to good an artist and you guys know that already.

Peter Laird, Local Boy does good, was there as well and he looks great.

Scott Ambrusion was there all in his Pirates outfit, he actually looked at home in it.

Cesar and Kris were there doing sketches and hawking there wares. I hope they made a ton.

Mark McKenna and Norman Lee were there set up next to Wrightson and Paul Ryan. Paul was there with his Phantom art. I really like Paul's work.

Mark had some Wicked cool inks he brought, and his work is just Stellar.

Norman is getting to be quit a penciller, and it would not surprise me to see him pencilling at some date in the future.

Brian Kong was there and is a super illustrator. He even offered up an Invasion cover for the Inkwell awards, along with Norman Lee, Paul Ryan, Peter Laird, Hannibal King and A few others. So they get a Tip of the Hat as well for that.

There was Larry Harrison, an advertiser of the Inkwell Awards, so if your ever in Salem, Mass or Medford, Mass you can visit one of his comic and gaming superstores. And Larry is actually one of the nicest guys I know.

The show was bustling, and I love the fact that it is close.

Now on to the Pictures.

Bernie Wrightson


Bob Almond

Cesar Feliciano

Ed Couts (Love that wash)

Kris Carter (Hard at work)

Mark McKenna and Norman Lee ( Two talented guys)

Peter Laird

Scott Ambrusion ( Didn't I tell Ya)

Paul Ryan

Mike Lilly ( This guy can draw and I love Bob's Inks over him)

Brian Kong (he looks to young to illustrate so well)

Partingshot: I had some Halloween candy left
so I forgot all about driving Rusty home.

Well that's it for now so see you soon....Jimmybob

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