Monday, October 03, 2011

OK here are some Baltimore photos...

Here we see Alex Saviuk (Spider-man Dailies), that's Ke;ly Yates in background.  Nice smile Alex.

Next we find one of Alex's Gomba's, Bo Hampton A funny dude and a Talented Singer/ Artist.
 As we went through the hall I saw another buddy, Stuart Sayger a very talented artist with a unique style (note finger tips.).
 Hey Kids Look, it's Mark McKenna, Star Wars and a zillion other characters, and Banana Tails.

And for faint of heart, Liz and Bernie Wrightson, the master of the quill and brush!  He is just to good.
They are both the best!
My Wicked West favorite, Neil Vokes.  What can I say, he lost more weight then me this time 'round but I am working out now...
Finaly my other two goomba's Billy Tucci digging Comic con legend Rusty B's Red sox Shirt.  Whadda ya want Billy we crapped out this year...

That was it for Baltimore.  It was a fun time, Rusty, Bernie and I, did say bye to Stan Lee at the end.

See ya soon....


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