Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here is another of Philip Tan's Pencils I inked. Funny he was surprised I used brush on his last one, so I guess someone was right about his pages being inked in crowquil.

I like the way he stages his scenes and enjoy inking him in brush. If I had paper that would let you lay down a good quil line I would do it that way but good kid finish is tough to get.
This was done on 11"X17" Blueline and with 100% Brush (Series 7 #2 W&N), and Speedball SuperBlack Ink.

Anyway, Let me know what you think.


Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 New York Comic Con

Well the New York Comic Con has come and gone.
It was a huge show and there was a lot to see.
I picked up Bob Almond and Cesar Feliciano and Drove into the Big Apple where we met up with Art rep Bob Shaw, Kris Carter and their friend Patrick.

Artist alley held a few surprises... Leonard Starr was there, and his artwork was superb on his dailies of "on Stage" and "Little Orphan Annie".

Joe and Mark Sinnott were there, and looked like they were enjoying themselves. Joe did a cover for the Inkwell Awards auction and blew us away. He still cranks out incredible artwork.

Neal Adams was in form and his son Josh had some really nice work there in the form of a sketchbook. He has an upcoming project that will be out in the near future.

Neal had some wonderful examples of his career work. He is one funny dude, I have to laugh because he does not BS people when they ask about their work and look for a critique.

My big surprise was Steve Rude. I had met him before and I have an old sketchbook of is but, and this is your big but, his original pages for "Nexus 100" 'bout knocked my eyes out.
Twice up pages watercolored and they were just as super as anyone can believe. I was stunned that his work was so good. I should have taken pictures but you can always buy the book. It is worth the price.

I met up with Art Thibert (Pronounced T-Bare) took me a bit to get it down, Art's work is fabulous. He can pencil as well as he inks and I am impressed. He was with his partner on his "Chronos" book. He is a wonderful person and is doing a cover for the Inkwell Awards as well. So check out his books they are really great.

I saw a friend Larry Harrison (Harrison's Comics in Salem, MA) and he showed me a page he bought off of a fellow by the name of Doug Klauba. It knocked my socks off so I had to get a Flash Gordon colored print with sketches for myself. Normally I don't care for prints or sketches to hang on the wall (usually just original INKED pages), But this cat has it going on. He is schooled a bit by Alex (Gimmee-all-your-money-for-my-signature) Ross. And is one hell of an artist. His pages are extremely detailed and are a site to behold.

Next stop was Elvira artist and fellow Wally Wood worshiper, Ron Sutton. Ron was there a young lady who writes and draws equally well and I am having a senior moment about her name but will find out from him. Ron is coming out with an issue of Fear agent #22. It is a must have. He put a lot of work in the pages and they looked like they were Guided by the Master himself, WW. Check it out, you will like what you see.

Bob Layton was there and I asked for a cover drawing for te inkwell Awards which he graciously accepted to do. I had not seen him since 1985. He still looks the same...

Cesar and I talked with Leonard Kirk for a while and his new title may surprise you.
I really like his work.

Jim Lee was there signing for his fans.

I only got a quick hello in to Gail Simone, as she was busy at the DC booth. She started the "Unscrewed" project off on her YABs board. Tom Stillwell was there also and touting "Unscrewed". He is dedicated, I will give him that. He is also out with a new comic.

Archie Booth was jammed and Ron Dante showed up. It was nice seeing him again.

Keith Champagne was there along with Patrick Gleason.

I did not see Gene Colin or Norm Breyfogle, I know Norm was there, but I missed him.

Superstar Artist/Inker Bob Mcleod was there, and sold out of his book. It was funny too because Cesar and I were looking through an artists portfolio, and we were checking the inkers out that he had worked with. Without mentioning names we were looking and the first few were a little heavy and scratchy, next were a little better, next were the same, Then they got better and then, the pages were pure enjoyment, lo-and-behold...Bob Mcleod inked them. His work just kills me.

Mark Mckenna was setup with McKone and Jim Califiore, The best guys in the show. Mark had some nice pages and had a birthday so send money. The three had some really great pages there and are always a pleasure to see.

The show was very well done and Bob was suffering from a toothache which is just about as bad as it gets, yet put on a very good front.

Bob Smith was there and I wanted to talk with him more but missed him. He is my favorite Archie inker and he is just an all around great guy as well as prolific inker.
I know I am forgetting half the people we saw but I guess that's par for the course. Normally I would have twisted arms for my sketchbook but I did not this trip. It was so large and we did so much on one floor I never got to a panel that I wanted to see. The show is huge and needs to go later.
OK on to pictures, Sorry I lost some, and my camera setting was wrong (bring a new camera next time), but here is what I got...
Bob Almond and Valerie
Tom Stillwell

Tom Schloendorn


Dave Simmons drawing for the Inkwell Awards

Steve Rude

Leonard Starr

Jim Lee

Bob Layton

Cesar and Kris Carter

Keith Champagne

Amanda Conner &...

Jimmy Palmiotti

Me, Bob Almond, Joe Sinnott, Mark Sinnott

Cesar and Lou Ferigno

Douglas Klauba

Ron Dante

Bob Smith

That's all for now folks... See you soon...Jimmy

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mike Williams Alien Picture

Wow I tried to post about a malware /Spammer that is a member of Google's Blooger, that spammed me twice. After repeated e-mails Google, they must feel it is OK for them to do this. Well I posted and my post got deleted...Strange.

I e-mailed Google direct as well. So I guess this is my last post and I will move elsewhere and delete all references to google from my computer, since they can not be trusted to delete users that send viruses and malware to infect peoples computers. Do not click on the deleted users name without some protection on your computer, since he uses Blogger as one of the places he sends it out from. I notified Cybercrimes div. of his info, since Blogger has not responded.

So here is my last post before I pull the plug.

Mike williams Penciled this Alien for a pinup in a book and I inked along with colors by Kris Carter.

I really like what Kris did.

I will post my new address soon or check my comicspace page at


Friday, April 04, 2008

Nick Fury Colored

A Cool Dude, Kris Carter (Penciled a neat Grimm Fairytails book and creator of Epoch)Colored the Nick Fury I inked over Joe Sinnott. Ala Steranko, he put a so retro background that I love it.

See you next time...Jimmy

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The Inkwell Awards Ballot Page is in Full Swing. Don't forget to Vote for your
Favorite Inkers in all the catagories.
Go here to Vote.

It will be interesting to see the results.

See you Soon... Jimmy
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