Friday, August 25, 2006


I caught up with some inks, so I am playing around with some Superman poses, and stole this pose from Cesar Feliciano.

I penciled,inked and Colored it.

See you next time...Jimmy

Monday, August 21, 2006

Comic Icons Volume 1: Jim Mooney

Yep, Comic Icons Volume 1: Jim Mooney. You can buy it through

Why you ask? Because I have a spot in it with some of the best artists in the business. What an honor.

Here is a blurb;

Book DescriptionIn the spirit of the Modern Masters series of books, TwoMorrows Publishing proudly presents the Comics Icons series, celebrating top artists from throughout comic book history! And who better to launch this new series than Jim Mooney, renowned as Supergirl artist extraordinaire? Mooney drew his first comic only months after Superman first appeared, and worked consistently in the field from 1940 to the mid-1990s. His 60-year career includes art for the top Golden Age publishers, leading to a 22-year stay at DC Comics, where he helped define the company look for Superman, Batman, Superboy and Supergirl. Also known for his later work on Marvel's Spider-Man, among others, his fans are legion, and this book long overdue. It features rare and unpublished art, direct from Mooney's files, plus the artist's painting and personal photos. There's commentary and contributions from Steve Gerber, Mark Evanier, Richard Howell, Gene Colan, Roy Thomas, Tony Isabella, Joe Sinnott and others, plus all-new art created especially for this book, as Norm Breyfogle, Bob Almond, Mark McKenna, Jim Tournas, Bob McLeod and others ink Mooney pencils. Plus, there's an interview with Mooney's niece Libby Titus, wife of Steely Dan Founder Donald Fagen (for whom Jim has produced album art), and an introduction by Star "The Man" Lee.
Product Details.

Go Here to Buy a Copy.

Daniel Best Wrote it, and is producing some nice books on Comic artists. They are fascinating and I would recomend them for anyone that grew up with a love for comics and anyone who has not so they can see what they are missing. Or just to support a really nice author.

Hopefully I can post a cover later.

See you next time...Jimmy

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Full Moon Craze...

I am finishing up issue Three of Masterpiece Comic's "Full Moon Craze" Penciled by Cesar Feliciano. Masterpeice Comics has a few books coming out soon and are done by some terrific talent. You can view their website at

Here are a c ouple of pages I inked.

Ace Masters is the mastermind and I hope he does well with all of his hard work. His "Fireblast" Comic should Launch in November 2006.

Cesar is giving me a workout with his incredible pencils and it is a lot of fun to ink him. I can't wait to see the finished version.

I also met up with Jim Taylor in Boston, who is penciling for Masterpiece and his stuff is great as well. I think that once Ace releases his line of comics in Previews Magazine, as they are ready, that they will sell themselves.
I have not read the script but Full Moon Craze, it is definately a Vampire tale and I can't wait to see it colored and lettered.

So look for Masterpeice Comics in upcoming Previews and get them while you can.

See you next Time....Jimmy

Friday, August 04, 2006

First Day Cover Art...

I have been doing USPS First Day Covers. I started with Bugs Bunny Cachet a few years back and I am listed in Scotts First Day Cover Catalog under Cachet makers.

Anyway I am just now doing the DC Superhero stamps released this month.

Here are some roughs.
Superman TM and (c) DC Comics

I will Ink and maybe color them when finished.

Here are a couple more.

The Flash and Plasticman TM and (c) By DC Comics

Green Lantern and Aquaman TM and (C) By DC Comics

I will post finished products when they are done.

See you next time... Jimmy

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Inking Break...

Man it is hot here on the East Coast!

If you want to learn to draw go to see Tom Nguyen's "I Draw the Line" articles at "the PULSE".

For earlier segments go to

Tom is an Artist/Inker/Body Builder all in one. He has a wonderful website and I highly recommend his books and DVD. He has a great approach to drawing and it is nice that he does this.

I hope to post a page or two in next few days. I am trying to bang some pages out to finish book two of a project. I am really wanting to get a good brush conditioner. Seems my W&N and Raphaels are losing there spring and that makes inking a lot slower.

Well I guess I will get back to the funnypages.

See you next time... Jimmy
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