Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cats, Cats and more cats...

Just thought I would post a picture I took yesterday, of one of my newer cats (had her a year now). She has a heart murmer and so no one wanted her. Can you believe that. She is a Devonshire Rex, and I guess she won't have any hair, because they usually have it by now. They are extremely warm so in the winter every cat in the house piles on top of her. And she is really animated when she moves.

People think because she has an ET face that she is strange but we love the little tyke.

Also here is a photo of My old Timberwolf Jack, I just found today. This is in Lynn Wood Reservation. We used to run there a lot. I miss him. His granddaughter is now about twelve and not going to be around much longer, she is the last of his line. She has Shepard in her though. Jack got frisky with a shepard we had when we were not looking. Lycos (grandaughter) has been a great pet and we lost her playmate Kyle a couple of months ago. they were close in age and he was a Huge Lab mix with a heart of gold.

Anyway just killing time while no one is here.



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