Tuesday, February 27, 2007


What a great show it was.

I met many wonderful artists and creators and some friends as well.
The hotel we stayed at was not the best but it served the purpose.

People were in line for hours fighting the bitter cold to get in early.

The major publishers were all well represented.

Archie had just about everyone there and DC had quit a line up.

Stan Lee was there and held auditions for who wants to be a Superhero. Last years top 3 were there along with some additional guests from other shows.

My focus was on art. They had an abundance of talent there. I loved Gene Colon's stuff as well as Neal Adams. Jim Starlin and many others.

I noticed they priced the smaller vendors out and so only large dealers were there. That was my only hang-up because you did not have the amount of venders that you would have at smaller affairs. Artist Alley was huge though so there was plenty to see.

I would definately like to go back next year.
see you next time... Jimmy


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