Friday, December 15, 2006

Steve Rude

I met Steve Rude at Baltimore a couple of cons ago and was impressed with his sketchbook. He was very nice to talk to and was alone, unless that was his wife (Kidding).

Anyway I remember when Nexus came out, how I liked the artwork he did back then, and enjoyed his style. Now Danny posted this page to ink by him, so I did it yesterday to see how it was. I could do better over pencils but blueline should be ok. I did not change a thing because I do not know if he likes things changed (looked good to me).

I hope to see more from him since he was a talented artist. And wish him much success.

Next.... Neil Vokes....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome Job Jimmy. Keep it up man.


Sun Dec 17, 09:38:00 PM PST  
Blogger Jimmy T said...

Thanks Brotherman. It was so different from your pages because it was a stret scene. We have not done one yet. Maybe once your on X-men.


Sun Dec 17, 09:48:00 PM PST  

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