Friday, October 27, 2006

Don Rosa Rules!

Don Rosa the artist for Gladstone's Uncle Scrooge is a great guy and I had him do the covers for my sketchbooks because I love his stuff.

I got a Carl Barks page to ink a while back, and just got round to inking it. I used a #3 Brush and tech pens, with more white out then I have ever used.

The trick is to keep a consistent size to the line weights (not equal but bold). This is no easy feat, Archie has a similar look and if it varies you loose the consistency of the art, and it will be noticed by the readers.

Don uses tech pens and curves, which is a time consuming tast, and skill to keeping the art consistent. He does this well and so my hat's off to him.

It boils down to one thing, echoed by a fellow inkwell member, Practice, Practice, Practice.

See you next time... Jimmy


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