Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FMC Update

I have to say I like the art Cesar is putting out for me to ink in Full Moon Craze. We are on issue 4 of 6 and I like inking him. I have noticed a refining of the inking process, and am getting more comfortable inking him.

I was not a big Vampire fan, but I read some early Marvel Drac stuff to get a feel, and am likeing the story so far.

I think you will like it once you start but you have to buy all six issues to see the progression and finish the story. Plus you will have these rare collectible books.... This is one of those Thrill-A-Minute books you can't put down.
Here is a sample from book 4 . OOOOh Scary Huh! Werewolves, Vampires and junk (no more Leave it to Beaver videos).

See You next Time with a surprise....Jimmy T


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