Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Spirit

Hi Kid's,

Just got back from Granite Con in New Hampshire. I met up with Art Rep Bob Shaw, Bob Almond and Keith Champagne. Keith was wonderful and has taught me sooo much. Bob Almond and I got some Inkwell award covers for the EBay auctions to help support it, so it was a good day. Keith did a really cool cover for us, That's why everybody should buy the books he writes.

And when I got home I had a scan of Will Eisner's Spirit in my E-Mail.

Will Eisner's Spirit, is my favorite Character growing up.

So when Mike Williams sent me the scan, I inked it before the Page got to me.
This is a variation of his pencils, He did it from memory, which is incredible enough. I only removed a couple of lines from the cheek and redrew the mouth to fit the comic. His version which is below is in his super character style.
I love Mike's work and so It is always fun to ink these pin-ups.

Hope you enjoy them and Have a great Memorial Day.

See You soon....Jimmy


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