Thursday, October 04, 2007

Topsfield Fair!

America's Oldest Fair. Well my Honey and I went to the Fair.

After All these years you would think they would have something new and exciting, besides Tractor Pulls, Horse Shows, Pig Races and Sheep Shearing.

The Art Show is my Favorite.

The Trade Building use to have really cutting edge products but now it is old rehashed "only available through Television" type products that couldn't be sold on television anymore.
Food was plentiful and if you are looking to put a cork in an artery, Topsfield Fair is just what the doctor ordered.

Another newer staple of the fair is a south American Band featuring Pan Flute music. They are very Soothing and are a crowd favorite.

The Fairway is littered with runaway's trying desperately to get you to part with a buck on their Games. I won 7 straight Games the Skeeball type game and won all the kids toys last year so this year I passed.

The old Hauned Houses are still there and bring back memories s a kid going through them for the first time.

It is a lot of walking and there are Animal and music shows that are entertaining. The only real killer are the women that bring infants to a place that mobed, and use their carriges to push through crowds. I like to kick the carriges every once and a while and then scream "Hey Watch it!" (Not Really:-))

It is wonderful for first timers, because there is so much to see, but for people that have been going for years it is soso. They really have not brought the Bar up in the past thirty Years.
The Sand Sculpter is nice and had an assistant with him. He has been their for a few years and is really talented.

The Petting Zoo is nice, but bring a lot of anti Bacterial soap and bleach because they are patheticaly looking animals.

The Budweiser Clydesdales were there this year. They are really great looking animals and so massive, They have the really big ones, and they are cared for extremely well. There is only One Wagon, One Organ Cart and a stable of 27 top notch bred Clydesdales they own. I used to see them every year in Savanna, Georgia during the Saint Patricks day weekend (It is Huge in Savanna). Rides are plentful.

Anyway the art, Sportsmen and trade buildings are my favorite. Here are some Pictures...

Have a nice Day!


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