Monday, September 29, 2008

Baltimore Con 2008

Just got back from Baltimore Comic Con 2008.

It was a quick ride down and the weather was rain.

The show started at 10am Saturday morning and the crowd was massive for this show.
The line was as long at 2PM as it was at 10 in the morning.

Gene Colan couldn't make it, so I was going to leave but some friends were there, and it was worth going to.

Norman Lee was there along with Neil Vokes, Herb Trimpe, Mark McKenna, Jim Calafiore and a host of others.

Tom Schloendorm was showcasing his tales of the Starlite Drive-in inks over Mike Williams (Hope they sell a ton). This book will be a dvd soon.

Herb Trimpe blocked in a page I am inking over him ( he was kind enough to show me some suggestions on it.). Herb is a talented guy.

Adam Hughes was Jammed the whole show.

Looked like Tom Raney had his hands full the whole show.

Jim Calafiore and Mike Mckone were there with some impressive art.

I met up with Craig Rousseau, he is inking his own art and doing an admirable job at it.

Karl Story was there and I like how he does Hair. Funny it is favorite thing to ink and my weakness. He does the hair before anything else on a page.

Mike Manley was in attendence. Mike is a very helpful person and a great talent.

Bob McKleod was there and doing sketches throughout. What can you say except he is a prodigy. I am not impressed by to many people, but he knows his stuff.

Jim Lee was signing from start to finish and is very gracious, he makes drawing look easy.

Nick Cardy was there with his wife, but he told a fan of his that she was some girl that picked him up on the way into the show. He is a hot ticket. and he did very well there.

Jay Fife is coming into his own on drawing. Love to see him do a book.

Mark Sparacio was doing some watercolors and has it down to a science. Great work!

Tom Breveroot took a look at my inks, I don't know him but he was critiqueing someone and I could see he sounded like he knew what he was doing.

I have to say he picked up on what I know my weaknesses are, and that was pretty good. So he gets a pass.

Mark McKenna was drawing and Inking commissions. He is a closet penciler and doing some cool art. Go Mark!

Cully Hamner was there doing commissions.

Sorry If I missed anybody.

The special edition Secret invasion for the Baltimore con was the worst looking book I have seen lately.

Rags Morales is a wonderful inker. And when I saw the cover it was horrid, But inside there is no way to describe it other then "Shoot the editor for having the colorist do the danmge to that book that was done", not since Hulk Destruction Have I seen a colorist destroy the such great inks.

Make Mine DC! (Until I read a DC book that badly done, I'm wicked fickle like that.).

I saw some very nice indy books there this year. A lot of prof talent coming up.

The show was so busy I did not to much inkwell awards books for the auction because the guys were to busy making money so I figure I will do that later.

There was a tendency for some artists to put telephone numbers on their artwork, which is ok if you get it. By the same token their were some real deals there. I only buy from the guys I know because it helps me learn and means something. I mean in my own personal view, I would take a Kinkaid oil over an Alex Ross drawing anyday. Does he know there are other poses. Not slamming the guy just thinking out loud.

One guy was selling original art sleeves for $6.00 a pop next to a guy that sold them for $2.00 each. Then he had 100 Strathmore blueline pages for $6.00 each!!!!!! Someone shoulda bitch slapped him. At least 400 Strathmore for $10.00 each wouldn't have hurt as much if you needed a piece.

The ride back was slowed up and hour or so due to a tracker trailer accident. The cab was a melted slag (See Photo), and the south bound traffic was backed up for miles.

But all in all, a very nice show, and the promoter seems to still give food and support to venders throughout, so my hats off to them.

accident in NJ

Tom Breveroot

Scott Ambrusion

Norman Lee

Nick Cardy

Neil Vokes

Mike Manley

Mark McKenna

Karl Story

Jimmy Palmiotti

Jim Lee

Entrance Line at 2:30PM

Craig Rousseau

Jim Califiore and Mike McKone

Bob McKleod

Adm Hughes

Anyway I will be back soon...gottat sheetrock my front foya (Hallway)... :-)



Blogger The Crew said...

Hey Jimmy-
Great Show!
sorry i missed you!
-Jay Piscopo

Tue Sep 30, 04:50:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Jimmy T said...

I will be at New York in Feb Jay.


Tue Sep 30, 10:56:00 AM PDT  

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