Friday, October 19, 2007

Gene Colan

Gene Colan, Artist of Many comic book titles including War books, to Daredevil, Batman, Tomb of Dracular and more, from the 1940's thru to 2007, when he did the last pages of Blade.

His work is really powerful, with dramatic lighting and expressive style.

I love his work and so it was a thrill when he told me I cold ink any of the sketches he has on his web folder.

I was kind of quick on the first one because I did not use reference to get my feet wet. So now I see I missed the mark in some areas. But I thought I would post it anyway.

The subject is Sherlock Holmes and Dracular. I love the calm demeanor on Sherlocks face.

It's funny trying to "read pencils from an artist. Some artists have very little rendering and some go nuts with lines, Gene's is more like a painting and subject you to interpret the lines needed. Blue lines are tough because they loose some fine detail.

The inkers on Gene's pencils over the years did a wonderful job. You have to be an artist to interpret the lines correctly, so as not to lose his style and effect, while popping the page.

This was done on 11"X17" with a W&N #2 Series 7 brush and 102 crowquill.

Hopefully the next one will be a lot better.

Later... Jimmy


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