Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am constantly Doodling and have still not learned anything. I love early Archie art and so I do a lot of doodling Archie characters. Here are a couple.

I just draw and sketch in no particular direction. Like I am letting out a steam valve.

I suppose you should diciplin yourself as you go but with no formal training I wing it.

I do know that with constant drawing you will always improve.

So what about Hal Foster? You ask...I love Hal Foster's art and it is the best I had ever seen to tell a story the way he did. I see a lot of Hal in Wally Wood's art.

I just love doodling Prince Valiant as well.

Batman and Superheroes are diferent now to doodle because I have to do it from an inkers eye. So Now I have to restructure my doodling.

Anyway This is what I do to draw...Nothing structured unless asked to.

See you next Time...Jimmy....


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