Monday, July 17, 2006

Inking Tools

OK, After many pages of inks, I have come to the conclusion that anything you can use to make a page look good is fair game.

If you want to ink for a living though it seems there can be only three, a Brush, Crowquill and white out or Pro White.

If you use tech pens to ink a page to emulate brush or quill work you effectively are doing twice the work for the same money. You wouldn't cut your grass with hand shears, so why take the time when you can work faster with the correct tools.

I am 99% brush now, and use quill for lines and some curves. I am trying to develop my skill with brush because you lay one teeny thin line to bold and it is in one pass. And like Bob Ross says "I have many happy accidents."

I find circles and short curves to be difficult, but that is a hump I will overcome. Feathering is also my weakness. I could cheat and make them perfect but then a page a day becomes a page every two days and that won't be good.

Anyway, I would use anything I could to do effects and am looking for some suggestions.

I really should explore the possibilties. Any suggestions ae geatly appreciated.

Don't forget you can view my Gallery at Deviant Art.

See you next time...Jimmy


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