Friday, July 21, 2006

Archie Comics

I have been reading Archie since the late 1800's and they were pretty cool. A lot of guys I know have never read comics yet they always know who the characters are (A guy Thing, Huh.).

Archie comics produces a quality line of comics free of death and destruction. They are wholesome and refreshing. And better yet you do not need to collect thirty issues of a comic to read a story.

Well the Archie from the forties was kind of a Mickey Rooney take off of the freckled face all American teenage boy. Slowly they pulled in characters we know today. In the 40's the artwork changed ever so slightly and then in the fifties it continues to today with very little change.

Who has not heard of Betty and Veronica, what about Jughead, Moose, Dilton or Big Ethel and the rest hanging out at Pop's Chocolate Shoppe.

Dan DeCarlo was a favorite artist/Inker of mine as well and I loved his work with Archie.

As much as I love inking superhero and monster pages I would love to Ink an Archie story or at least a one pager. I did some pages that Fernando Ruiz penciled from Archies Mysteries.

Archie Mysteries Splash Page I inked over Fernando Ruiz.

So if you like you can write or e-mail Archie comics and ask when I will be inking something in Archie.

That aside The inkers at Archie are extremely Talented. Jim Amash and Bob Smith are amazing in their range of inking.

They have many great pencilers as well like Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz. So pick up a copy and enjoy the world of Archie.

See you next time...Jimmy


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