Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Boston Comic Show

Rusty B and I went to the Boston Comic show Sunday. We met up with Cesar Feliciano. We had a cool time, Cesar is producing better pencils everytime I see them. We exchanged pages there. Man Cesar, the new pencils are pushing my inking to the limit. I learn more by inking these everyday.

Norm Breyfogle and RickLeonardi was there and Scott from the Inkwell. Rick is doing the JLA Classified story and showed us the pencils. I hope he does well.

Norm's book about Vampires is a gas. Nice job and a lot of work. Brilliantly illustrated.

We also met up with artist Jim Taylor who is penciling for Masterpeice comics, same company Cesar and I are working on a title with. They are slated for a 2007 release.

We talked with Denny O'Neil and I asked him the criteria he used in assesing art and inks when he was with DC and basically there is no formular. Dennis said it was a gut call. If he liked it it was going through.

All in all, while no San Diego convention it was productive and we had a good time.

Now I have to bang these pages out for Cesar with my Skilled, precision skills honed by many months of guessing.

Cheers and see you next time...Jimmy


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